About Us

SSS Manufacturing Pty Ltd is a Structural Steel Fabrication business which is able to significantly leverage our uniquely developed, leading edge steel fabrication system and provide our customers with a complete fabrication service. Our system allows us the flexibility which comes from being the designer, developer and fabricator of that system. The innovative technology used by SSS Manufacturing Pty Ltd has been developed by our own Development Team and in the most recent edition of “dealflow” magazine you can read further by clicking on the link in the News & Projects section of our website.

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IR4 Pty Ltd

IR4 Pty Ltd uses the Industry 4.0 approach to manufacturing products, delivering a technology that is leading the industry. SSS Manufacturing Pty Ltd uses this technology to deliver outstanding solutions.

Steel Fabrication

SSS Manufacturing Pty Ltd offers our customers cost competitive prices as a result of a fully automated and technology efficient process.