"Let our robots produce your fabricated steel faster and more accurately, all at a very competitive price"

Steel Fabrication


SSS Manufacturing is a structural steel fabrication business with a difference.

SSS Manufacturing is a structural steel fabrication business with a difference. The Founder of SSS Manufacturing CEO Kevin Fitzpatrick identified a number of years ago that the only way to maintain a competitive edge in the steel fabrication market and compete with overseas structural steel imports was to establish and implement leading edge automation technology; a view supported by the Steel – Framing the Future report and numerous publications by the Australian Steel Institute. SSS Manufacturing now operates a steel fabrication facility that is fully automated all the way from ordering through to fabrication and delivery, technology that has all been developed in house.

The steel fabrication automation technology implemented enables SSS Manufacturing to provide its customers with the highest quality fabricated structural steel at highly competitive rates. For those customers that engage SSS Manufacturing early in the development stage of their projects, further cost savings can be achieved by maximizing the amount of structural steel fabrication that can be processed through the robotic fabrication system while improving build efficiencies.

Located in Yatala between the Gold Coast and Brisbane, SSS Manufacturing is well positioned to service customers in South East Queensland as well as having access to excellent transport hubs for cost effective transport of fabricated structural steel nationally.