Project News: Meadowbrook Project

Project News
September 2, 2016  |  Meadowbrook Project

Having completed the implementation of our fully automated fabrication cell we were pleased to once again be engaged by Warehousing Solutions for their next project following the 3000m^2 factory in Yatala, a 2000m^2 factory in Meadowbrook. This project enabled us to further demonstrate both the flexibility of the automated fabrication system as well as demonstrate the ability to provide very short turnaround times where they are required.Through numerous variations resulting from site conditions and customer requirements we were able to quickly upload revised drawing models that automatically reprogrammed the production platform in real time to ensure that the structure was being fabricated to meet their demanding requirements. With a fully galvanized finish provided from the Fero Group on a very short lead time, we were able to provide an excellent customer experience and had signed the next contract for a 5000m^2 factory with Warehousing Solutions to be completed in Burnside Road in Stapylton.