Project News: Yatala Project

Project News
August 30, 2016  |  Yatala Project
With the first stage of commissioning of our fully automated fabrication center nearing completion we sort to engage with a building partner to test the capabilities of the new system. Partnering with Warehousing Solutions to provide the fabricated structural steel for this 3000M^2 2 factory development in Yatala, we were able to demonstrate even in this early stage of the system operationalization that it has the capacity to significantly reduce the labour content required for each tonne of steel fabricated. The automated system was used to fabricate the 700WB’s while the remainder of the structural steel was fabricated by workshop staff. In this trial the only capabilities that were being validated were the automated placement and welding of plates onto the beam. The automated materials handling of the beams through the fabrication cell also provided significant efficiency gains and workshop safety improvements. Numerous opportunities identified to be able to make the system even more efficient. Stay tuned for further project updates as we bring more capability on line and seek to provide further support to a broader range of construction projects.