IR4 Pty Ltd

IR4 Pty Ltd is the organisation that is responsible for developing the industry leading technology that is utilised by SSS Manufacturing Pty Ltd, under license, to fabricate structural steel.

With a core focus on Industry 4.0 design philosophies, IR4 Pty Ltd developed a system that offers exceptional levels of, Interoperability, Information transparency, automation assistance and all with decentralized decision making.

As stated from KUKA Australia MD & CEO – Greg Sale “KUKA Robotics is an organisation committed to innovation. IR4 Pty Ltd, a user of KUKA robots, are leading the way in Australia in developing Industry 4.0 level automation technologies – It is impressive to think that they have developed such globally significant automation technology with such a small team in a relatively short period of time – with still more to come”

IR4 Pty Ltd design brief, sought to develop a business wide automation solution in which all of the systems were fully integrated and interoperable and reacted in real time to changing conditions including:

  1. Material variability
  2. System state
  3. Environmental conditions
  4. User / Customer input

The brief required that a change in any of the conditions noted, needed to be accounted for automatically by the automation system without intervention. After 6 Years of development IR4 Pty Ltd has delivered the backbone of an automation system that demonstrates these characteristics and more.

While the current focus is on leveraging the technology in structural steel fabrication, the backbone of the automation system could be adapted to a multitude of industry segments and technologies.